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 Thanks so much for responding. Really appreciate the help from you guys. While I have the will to put clothes together in an aesthetically pleasing way, I don't always have the skill.  Michael
Hey guys,   I'm looking to buy a pair of wingtips and I was looking at these Brooks Brothers (church's). Can you give me some opinions if you have a minute?   Much appreciated.     updated comment: Should I take your silence as a "these shoes suck"?
Just curious on opinions here. I'm only buying one wingtip, and I was curious which one you would suggest: the BB or the AE Gearys.   Thanks a lot!         Ideally, I'd like whatever one I choose to be fairly versatile. 
Well those Wolverines are a 7 but probably fit like a 7.5-8. At least that's what I heard
I heard they run large so I'm on the lookout for some size 7 (or whatever fits a size 7 foot) shoe wear. I'm just trying to see what's available, I'm not looking to buy something right this second per se. They don't have to be boots either. 
Is there a thread where i can state what i'm looking for to see if anyone is selling? I can't seem to find one at the moment, but I'm pretty sure there is one.
Would these look weird with black jeans (not tucked in or cuffed)           Thank you
 I usually use the browse function  ALL used bootscolor blackyour size and width. You'll see everything. It's a great way to search.
 Ebay it up. Great to start there. 
 Now, is this just a general rule with boots? I wear my chelsea boots without tucking or cuffing and I think they look good.  Take these for example: Do all boots like this require a cuff or tuck to be pulled off in a stylish way? 
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