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Hello there,   I have this shirt and I have no idea what pants I could/should wear with it. Do any of these pants work? (two chinos and a pair of jeans.)     Thanks a lot! I appreciate the help I've gotten on these forums.  
Yikes, can anyone answer my questions real quick? It's almost time to go! No to be impatient, but I still don't know what I'm doing.
    I do, but it's not the greatest. I think the collar is off. I could be wrong, though. I'll post a picture:  (the shirt isn't dirty, but the mirror needs a bit of a cleaning!)    
It's an unexpected, but very casual work meeting. Basically, I just need to make sure it works. For this particular event, it's not really about what's appropriate (it's pretty much just look decent), and more about putting together something that flows. In other words, forgetting the event, does this outfit work (burgundy and grey)? Or should I go with the black/grey? I would also add in the fact that it's partly an outside meeting, which makes me wonder if I should...
Hey all,     I need to put something together QUICK, but I'm not sure if it works.   Grey pants, burgundy loafers.   Does this work?   Thank you so much!   I also have black wingtips if that would be better. Kind of boring, but it's all I have right now. Ideally, would a lighter brown be the best bet?  
Thanks for the replies. Interesting to see the varied responses. 
Hello,   I posted these in the "should or shouldn't I make a purchase" thread, but I was just curious as to your opinions on them. Would you wear these with jeans?  
Hey all,   Was thinking of picking up these Allen Edmonds to wear casually with jeans. What do you think for $60?  
It's incredibly hard for me to find a good fit. I'm very oddly shaped. What pants would you suggest? Chinos?
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