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Hello folks,   Just bought my first pair of off white converse. Not exactly sure how to pair them up quite yet. Was wondering if they looked ok with light colored chinos.    Also, in the middle photo: do you think those suede shoes work with the gray pants?    Would either shoe go with either pant?    The last photo is me trying to see if the off whites look good with jeans or not. I couldn't decide. I'm leaning towards no. I will assume that the suede shoes look...
 You just taught me something. It's the side pieces (where the laces go) that make the main difference, isn't it. I think I understand a little more now. I think I'm going to go for these as I already own a pair of AE fifth aves in black. The Christian Dior shoes I posted seem less formal and better suited for everyday business/dress wear. I feel fairly confident in saying that, but obviously I wouldn't be posting here if I knew 100%.  Again, really great of you to help a...
 Ah, I see. So, the basic style of the first shoe is on point then. I was worried about the shine to be honest. To my eye, the more shine, the less versatile. I'm basically crossing items off my "must have" checklist, and plain toe oxford is next on the list. I don't see myself wearing these with jeans. Dress pants seems a no-brainer. Chinos are probably out, too (mainly because of the shine on the shoe). Again, very much appreciated. I don't have a lot of style-concious...
I'm going to say pictures would be a HUGE help. I'm no expert, but my initial reaction is: keep it simple. Leave the waistcoat. Unless it looks fantastic, in which case we would need to see it. 
I do have one followup question. Regarding these:     I very much enjoy the vintage-like look of these, but I'm unsure if they would look ok with anything but jeans and chinos. Would they look very odd with a pair of dress pants? I would steer clear of wearing them with a suit, unless someone with better style-eye thinks otherwise.    Much appreciated, gentlemen. 
 Just added another photo. Thanks for responding. My main use for these would be work (business casual setting) and the occasional night out.  Would these be a better choice (more suited for an in-between shoe)
Thoughts on these Christian Dior shoes? ​I have read that a black lace up is a MUST for most men. Would this shoe fall into that category? I'm thinking business casual to street dressy? Thoughts and opinions would be awesome.   *added front
Looking for dark brown or burgundy wingtips in size 7 D (regular width).   Also looking for skinny fit size 34 blazer/sportcoat. I'm a small guy, so skinny fit fits like a normal blazer should fit.    Just browsing for now, but if you have anything, I'd love to see it.
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