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Well those Wolverines are a 7 but probably fit like a 7.5-8. At least that's what I heard
I heard they run large so I'm on the lookout for some size 7 (or whatever fits a size 7 foot) shoe wear. I'm just trying to see what's available, I'm not looking to buy something right this second per se. They don't have to be boots either. 
Is there a thread where i can state what i'm looking for to see if anyone is selling? I can't seem to find one at the moment, but I'm pretty sure there is one.
Would these look weird with black jeans (not tucked in or cuffed)           Thank you
 I usually use the browse function  ALL used bootscolor blackyour size and width. You'll see everything. It's a great way to search.
 Ebay it up. Great to start there. 
 Now, is this just a general rule with boots? I wear my chelsea boots without tucking or cuffing and I think they look good.  Take these for example: Do all boots like this require a cuff or tuck to be pulled off in a stylish way? 
Yea, not OK with that. I will pass. :)
  I only ask because I don't always have a good eye for fashion/style, but I do care about it. A friend told me that without cuffing/tucking the jeans in, these would look really dumb. I like getting multiple opinions before I form my own about certain things (fashion being one of them). Thank you for replying! 
Hey all,   Could these be worn with uncuffed, untucked jeans (just let the jeans come over the top), or is that a big no no?   Thank you!      
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