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Hey all,   Been a while since I've posted here. I'm a newb again.   Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but gotta start somewhere I guess. Can anyone help me identify what style sunglasses these are? If possible, could you also point me in the direction of where I should look to find similar ones? They were purchased at a 20s themed party, but I'm pretty sure they are just generally vintage-looking and not 20s style.   Thank you   Michael      
here you go:  
Not sure what that means. Layers?
Any marks are not on the clothes/shoes, but the mirror.
Just got my first pair of Rivieras. Super comfortable.     
 Yea, I should have been clearer. Nice fitting really depends on personal style. For me, being a smaller man, I like close fitting clothing in general. I believe it just looks better for my size. On others, I love a well done roomy look.  I realize my whole "pocket white tees are cool" thing seems a little obvious, but I just stopped a moment to appreciate the simple, but cool look.
Love that. Personally though, I cannot pull off v necks. 
There is something really cool and stylish about a simple, nicely fitted, white pocket t with a pair of jeans or chinos.    Agree or disagree? 
Much appreciated. I can never figure out how people pull off those converse. I'm guessing lighter pants work better with them.   Anyway, thanks again.
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