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here you go:  
Not sure what that means. Layers?
Any marks are not on the clothes/shoes, but the mirror.
Just got my first pair of Rivieras. Super comfortable.     
 Yea, I should have been clearer. Nice fitting really depends on personal style. For me, being a smaller man, I like close fitting clothing in general. I believe it just looks better for my size. On others, I love a well done roomy look.  I realize my whole "pocket white tees are cool" thing seems a little obvious, but I just stopped a moment to appreciate the simple, but cool look.
Love that. Personally though, I cannot pull off v necks. 
There is something really cool and stylish about a simple, nicely fitted, white pocket t with a pair of jeans or chinos.    Agree or disagree? 
Much appreciated. I can never figure out how people pull off those converse. I'm guessing lighter pants work better with them.   Anyway, thanks again.
Hello folks,   Just bought my first pair of off white converse. Not exactly sure how to pair them up quite yet. Was wondering if they looked ok with light colored chinos.    Also, in the middle photo: do you think those suede shoes work with the gray pants?    Would either shoe go with either pant?    The last photo is me trying to see if the off whites look good with jeans or not. I couldn't decide. I'm leaning towards no. I will assume that the suede shoes look...
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