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I think there might be a few left at Lad Musician.
lad musician
^that's definitely the face I make when browsing on rakuten   Anyone know the difference between the 'flocked' suede and 'normal suede' derby shoes from Ann F/W 2013?     normal   flocked (those...
Does anyone know if it's possible to process buckwheat in the same way rice is used to make rice paper?
 I think the mob-like shaming that characterises internet feminism just comes from the belief that everyone thinks they are unequivocally beyond reproach, which just goes back to that growing sense of entitlement  I'm not going to make any assumptions about your life but it's more often the case that a lot of wom*n are just really really really good at tolerating male chauvinism
 Whenever I see something like this I really wish SF had more wom*n posters because you can always tell said posters wouldn't be so ~courageous~ in their opinions irl
can anyone ID this Ann D. jacket for me?    Is the material actually 100% cotton like the description says?
^needs moar brownface
Some great fucking shit here, especially for all the baes out dere
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