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 Lewis Leathers  Short wing brogue boots Apart from your regular hoodie a hooded jacket isn't something for typical everyday wear but is rather mostly for colder weather, but if that's the sort of everyday climate you're dealing with then you can't beat a Uniqlo duffle coat or parka in your price range
Oh lol sorry
Do you guys take care of your more 'formal' footwear like your leather derbies? Like using shoe trees, polish, conditioner etc.
Acne had these out in 2012 I think, though more check than houndstooth  [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]] I think it would look great if you paired with olive/beige/earth tones a la Lemaire  [[SPOILER]] or even with ~phthalo/viridian green  [[SPOILER]]
Umm how can you wear a mac in this fucking Sydney heat?!?
 I would probably wear that Ann D shirt with black Yohji wide trousers, it would look too much like a dress in anything else because of the slightly flared hem. Something like this though definitely works with slim trousers
my grail long shirt
Some things I'll definitely be seeing this year:
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