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I always thought studying music with surgery would make a great double degree.
Can someone explain laine wool to me?
Cruvoir?   Yeah never really understood the whole having to register to browse thing
imo any store that uses flash is the fucking worst. lookin' @u LVR. Apart from the music player colette is pretty awful too. 
Not so sure about Acne, my Ace Cash have started t fade pretty quickly
This reminds me of all the disgusting things I want to try in the US when I'm finally comfortable with being a fat fuck . real fried chicken . chicken fried steak . chicken fried bacon . chicken 'n' waffles . hot chicken . fried gator and frog legs . fried clams . mississipi mud pie . sausage gravy and biscuits . chicago stuffed deep pan pizza . Philly cheese steak   fuuuck just kill me now
Are these 4Real?  
 I have the height for it (5'11'') but I'm probably too skinny. The only other blazer I have right now is a Dries one from F/W2012 in 46EU and even that one is billowy. I'll have to think about what sort of fit I want from this blazer again, but alas I don't think it was meant to be :( Thanks though!   I don't think I could watch Capote again right now, the ending would just be too much with this recent news
fuuuuckk, seriously just lost one of the greatest actors of our time
 Lewis Leathers  Short wing brogue boots Apart from your regular hoodie a hooded jacket isn't something for typical everyday wear but is rather mostly for colder weather, but if that's the sort of everyday climate you're dealing with then you can't beat a Uniqlo duffle coat or parka in your price range
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