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I have like the opposite problem, too many outerwear pieces, not enough shirts. When I'm indoors and have to take my coat/jacket off I'll just be like "omg now it just looks lyk I wear the same thing erryday!"
This long wait is the only thing placating my hostility against the ever diminishing A/W season in Australia. It's already one month into autumn and we're still stuck in mid-summer temperatures.
LN-CC no longer stocking Yohji :(
Has everyone already received June orders?
do you guys ever get embarrassed when you tell your friends how much you spend on your clothes?  (Question mostly directed at twentysomethings/overeducated unemployed)
More small businesses should have blacklists like ToJ. After years of working a string of casual gigs in customer service the ultimate dream would be to run a soup nazi type place with total impunity
 It's more of a mild aioli, no butter.  I'd be more worried about the pate
Any of you guys know what would've been the estimated time on a mdr ordered back around 19/08/2013? Forgot to ask way back then. The estimate is most likely irrelevant now pending new news but just so i have a general idea of a minimum wait.
is TheAspecs a legit retailer?   Pret-a-voir has too many stock issues these days
Would you ever go to a birthday party without knowing anyone but the birthday girl, especially when all her friends are older and infinitely cooler than you are?     losing count of how many times this happens to me.
New Posts  All Forums: