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 fuck yes finally no more wasted time and money on proxy services
this shirt, want so bad, but i dunno if i can live with myself knowing that i spent $742 on a shirt  
Is scarcity ever a motivating factor in what you buy? Like I don't just mean that rush to buy something just because it's the last item in stock, but because you think that it's unlikely you'll ever see something like it ever again?
fuck the rest, Helmet bag in a nice range of leather options pleaassee!!!
 F/W York St at J Press had a great grey flannel suit which for some reason still had a full size range left in stock at 50% off or something so maybe wait for next year's F/W season?   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   Current BBBF cut looks way too awkward and the price is just getting ridiculous. If you have the dime I would save for a suit from Thom Browne's 'new' line which is actually a nod back to his classic designs. If you want something 'minimalist' then Yang Li has...
Has anyone handled this in person? How heavy/thick is the linen and how pronounced is that floral embossment?   http://www.other-shop.com/our-legacy-overdyed-bomber-jacket.html
 It would be ridiculous to order these now considering the wait time but my TOJ black gabardine trousers are by far my favourite pair.
 I have the OCBD Graham Marsh collab shirt for when I need to wear a suit and tie and love it so much.  I think another little annoying thing is whenever I do have to take off my coat/jacket it just throws off my whole silhouette and colour balance.
I promised myself I would never get involved in this murky part of the forum, but considering the diversity of the forum I thought it might be interesting to hear people's thoughts about this, especially if you're a POC and have attended an elite tertiary institution   http://itooamharvard.tumblr.com/ http://itooamoxford.tumblr.com/
New Posts  All Forums: