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Very humbling to read the last post on the reality of the production side of things. Definitely put things in perspective for me and have now regained my rationality and patience :)     Am also wondering if anyone signed up for that business mentoring thing or whatever it was Drew was offering a while back, would be interesting to see someone else give the mtm thing a go (though hopefully with more manpower heh)
^ sometimes I think I do this just because I like the clean look of consistency in my wardrobe.     Also can anyone rec some good fashun tumblrs/blogs by women please? Something like Glass Organelle
anyone seen a photo of this coat on a model?  
 I'm going to be watching you like a vulture whenever you start to show a little buyer's remorse over this piece.
Someday, when a moment like this happens to me, I want it to be like running into an old fling. we'll spot each other from the opposite ends of the room through a sea of people, and we'll smile and be happy for each other, because in the end we both found the steez that we were meant to have for ourselves
Could someone give me a bit of info on the NOIR line? Thanks!
one of my old university tutors
I use tupperware as a wallet.
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