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Is that honestly the best you could come up with...
can anyone comment on the shade of grey of the quilted bomber? Is it a medium grey, or more of a charcoal?
Can anyone recommend a cheaper alternative to this?   http://www.ln-cc.com/invt/yoh0110021blk
Does living like this still count as self sufficient if you have slaves?
I would not consider this for a second if I didn't have any medical skills
  Except MS007, which is odd because for some reason everything he posts in the Young and Hungry thread is consistently great while his posts here are...not so great.
  Keaton although good, was too smart-alecky to be Bruce Wayne/Batman   Kilmer should reprise the role in a reboot titled 'Fatman Forever'
Xia Xiaowan
Andreas Gursky  
Has anyone here heard of this Korean label called 206 Homme? Stumbled upon it by accident. A lot of it looks bad but there are some pieces here and there at good prices that seem worth considering.
New Posts  All Forums: