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Andreas Gursky  
Has anyone here heard of this Korean label called 206 Homme? Stumbled upon it by accident. A lot of it looks bad but there are some pieces here and there at good prices that seem worth considering.
I would avoid the GC if you are not a party/Theme Park enthusiast 
  Yes. Don't get me wrong Double Indemnity and Sunset Boulevard are absolute classics but it's very rare for me to find a romantic comedy that genuinely makes me feel 'romantic', The Apartment just happens to be one of those films.
MS007 great posts but where to kop srsly?
  My favourite Billy Wilder
who bought the blue/navy/charcoal stripe pants in 32, the matching vest in 46, beetham in 48, and the waxed cotton/houndstooth cameraman in 48?
anyone know the measurements on a 48 beetham?
  Excellent, wouldn't be the first time I've bought women's clothing, as long as it fits properly. Although I am confused as to why there isn't a men's version, a tunic shirt seems like such a unisex item, especially for EG's aesthetic. 
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