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Mmm Sedaris had a good bit about this
I think I was 12 when I first read this. I was a Cartesian dualist for a few weeks after finishing it until i got the crap beaten out of me   Also I had a major crush on the girl who played Sophie in the TV adaptation
from the look of the trailer Hopkins does not do a good job at all.   On another note I can't wait to see TLJ as General MacArthur
grey leather ma-1 yes plz
. Any sort of simple oversized mid calf length coat. I rarely see any at this length. . camelhair pieces
can being overly fastidious with questions get you blacklisted? Because i can be like that sometimes without knowing
Watched Altered States a few days ago. Why does Christian iconography scare the shit out of me so much? Even if it is hella tacky
  I used to have shoes exactly like these when i was three. The soles would light up and they would squeak and honk on each step.    Good shoes, I recommend +1
For the guys here who sell things internationally on B&S, do you always go by registered/tracking aus post? Is this the cheapest way? Are your international buyers okay with such high shipping?
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