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  ...Have you not seen The Meaning of Life?
i remember shah posting these trousers in here a while back  http://www.ln-cc.com/invt/tof0110002gry   wondering if anyone here could recommend a good alternative?
it is hella frustrating that a lot of Tokyo shops have no email contacts
whoops wrong thread
is anyone else having site problems with LN-CC right now? I can't add these 1205 pants to my basket but i can with other items
I hate a lot of musicals, but the ones that I like i love, like Sunday in the Park with George, Spamalot, Mikado, etc.   The Producers is by the far the best musical film adaptation, only because it fully embraces the ridiculousness of such adaptations.
i might get a lot of shit for this but is a 2 zip customisation of the mdr possible?   Something like this (lol sorry for horrible photoshop)     Or maybe welted pockets for the vertical pockets?
There's only one thing that I genuinely like about QT and that's his approach to narrative structure. Everything else I happen to enjoy only because I am reminded of other filmmakers.   I don't actually mind the level of violence, only that it's too cartoonish and gimmicky for me
what do they have against the citizens of the rest of the world? srsly?!     "Our warehouse can try and do their best but afraid you may still receive duty charges"   Does that sound like a hint that they'll do it? there needs to be an email function for *taps on nose*
New Posts  All Forums: