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  When I saw this the majority of the audience were seniors so I'd imagine it must've been a pretty intense confrontation for them to watch this film. Personally I never took it as a tragic love story because Haneke never has this sense of attachment with his characters
the orgy scene is lolworthy
fuck why does LN-CC have to gradually mark down their items? The shoes I bought were then marked down another 100 pounds a couple of hours after i checked out
  wow really? I never bought anything from that collab but the photos looked pretty good. lol you didn't buy them to have to find this out did you? I remember them being expensive as fuck
Back when I was still into McNairy I was never really into his own designs, his collabs were better. Best ones I can recall right now were the saddles at Union LA, long wings at TBS, boots at Bodega, and definitely the EG collab
further markdowns at LN-CC, forget nuji
I remember when I was a kid we would get a big stack of coupons from Hungry Jacks (Burger King) and my father would force me to eat lunch there everyday after school before the expiry date. He wouldn't even let me leave until I finished my second soda refill in the restaurant, and another refill for the road.
Anyone have any experience with packages being shipped back to sender because delivery was not completed?   I was away for a while and forgot to tell the post office to hold my mail so they ended up shipping it back 12 days ago. No idea if they contacted Farfetch (or whatever specific boutique) because they haven't contacted me. Also don't know if they're giving it back to DHL or sending it back themselves.   Anyway just venting here and thought I might feel less...
it is a pet peeve of mine when people describe things as 'high art', it just sounds so tacky.     Anyway rewatched Elevator to the Gallows just for Miles and that Gull wing. 
anyone know if this website is legit? A lot of the photos are exactly the same as the ones on Mr Porter and it has very similar stock
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