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god damn those pleats
 who is this? I'm melting 
 I'm hoping that's just it, but still... no yohji or ann this season, in fact i think it's no more ann period because for some reason they had to remove all of their ann pieces during end of f/w season sales. also they don't seem to stock smaller, ~niche labels anymore.  and now they're stocking acne... doesn't feel like old ln-cc anymore.
Is it just me or is the selection at ln-cc getting smaller/worse?
tbh i wouldn't be so worried if they were more diligent when it came to sending out shipping notifications. What i'm worried about is one of my jackets coming in the mail, getting no notification from toj for it, local post office doesn't leave a courtesy card, the package gets sent back to toj, and then i have to wait until they aren't so busy anymore so that they can finally answer emails and clarify whether i actually did get one of my jackets.     Also I'm on 43...
With opiate meds hell yeah you'll have a great time
Sorry but I think it's fucking ridiculous that you had to wait ten months for a jacket you did not ask for and now have to sell.
What do you guys think of this backpack? It looks nice, but something seems impractical about having the zipper right in the middle like that  
Man I am so underwhelmed. Not because I didn't get tracking but because hardly anyone here did and I just wanted to be happy for everyone who finally made it out to the end
can anyone rec black leather backpacks/shoulder bag/tote for under $500?
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