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Where are some good places to buy old Yohji in Tokyo?
wait and see whether the federal budget gets approved first.
All you Fargo fans need to hit up Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter when it gets a general release
I really hope late June orders get sorted out by the end of June. am i being realistic?
 black lamb ma-1 spot up for grabs then. I have no idea how this sort of thing works so i dunno pm me and tell me what to do
You should forget Amadeus and move onto Kinski's Paganini for your go-to depraved composer biopic
 I need to remember to watch this video next time i'm on ketamine again I wear Yohji and my Damir boots when I go clubbing. Just to make sure it hurts a lot more when I'm stomping on people's feet and to guarantee I'm that extra obnoxious when I'm spinning around with my Yohji trench and hakamas flying into people's faces.
What's the protocol on cancellations? I'm considering cancelling one of my jackets but it might be too late (somewhere at the 40 week mark). It has nothing to do with spite (lol) I could just use the extra dough right now and wanted to know if this was an option. If not then no worries.
So I've been thinking about suits lately and what kind of suits are appropriate for someone in their twenties. I mean what sort of suit would be good to wear if you don't want to look like someone who has to wear a suit for work or who doesn't know anything about tailoring. Because in my mind it seems easier for older guys, actually it seems more easier the older you get because you can sort of go all out and it'll work because it translates to that 'old man style' look,...
Does anyone remember whether this was a winter staple at uniqlo?
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