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So far, I have not noticed it being any less durable. If I get a scratch on them, I use some renovateur and work it it, then brush for a bit. They come out looking great.  I don't use wax a lot, a coat here and there every once in awhile.
Thanks Fly!
    The rutledge is an awesome shoe. Looks great, very comfortable. Softer leather than most of my other shoes. Very happy with it.
  I like this. I have never been a big fan of shoes without socks, but thats just a personal preference. Then again, I don't own loafers.
Loving the coat / shirt / tie combos here. Very nice.
                Thought I would post a few pics of my shoes. The darker brown/chili shoe is To Boot. The rest are AE.  Black McAllister, Walnut McClain, Burnished Walnut Rutledge.
  AE McClain Socks- Barneys Pants - Calvin Klein Collection
  AE Rutledge Viccel HF
  AE Strand in Walnut Socks- Goldtoe (I think) Trousers - Saks Red Label
  AE McClain in walnut Socks  - Barneys Suit - HF
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