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Aww man I wish I had photos, you saucy little minx Yeah I got the skinnys from denimgeeks for £79 doubt I'll size up further though as my testis will probably disappear inside till the coast is clear.
I got my 21oz UB's today, lovely heavy feel, and for the money you can't complain at all, the finish and detail aren't as complete as other brands like the big E, or levis, but they are relatively well made and will do exactly what they say on the tin. The only problem for me is that the low rise give me a camel toe, even though I sized up.
It took about 4 weeks to get my order sorted, Taryn was really helpful even if her replies were delayed, then delivery, but I do live in the UK, plus I'm guessing at least two day were due to Hurricane Sandy, as they shipped across from New York.
Received today, worth the 2 month wait !   Some of you may be interested to know :)
Cheers Frank, I'll try and muster up some courage and try to break my irrational fear of the telephone and I don't even know if I have a fear of skype....I imagine I have though.   BTW I'm asking for something similar to that of the Portland Dry Goods fella, just though I'd share...
well without sounding tight, I really don't want to be spending money on international calls as I'm in the UK :) 
Hello,   Just out of interest how long is it usual to wait for a reply back after the initial first enquiry?    Thanks
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