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As a member with over 6k in posting, you're childish...  and, again stupidity 
dude! Again, SHOW SOME CLASS...
So, you continue to justify your stupidity,  Philosophically? No! 
"WTF" you people are "Strange"  Where the hell is your Class, you wear $1,500.00+++ suiting - $500.00++ shoes - and all you have to offer is foreskin and a penis...  Can someone suggest a different style- form (site) - Just show some "Class"  This is just tasteless!
It does look like a suit jacket!  I love the Jacket, Tie and PS, but the bottom (Jeans) Looks like CLOWN WEAR with Long Shoes 
Jacket seems a lil short?
"WTH"  What's the deal with the socks?  This is way to formal for red pookie dots,       Other than that, LOOKS Great!
He's "Beautiful"
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