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It really good if you mute it and watch. The latino girl is very attractive as well as Teri Hatcher.
What is wrong with you people? Tom Hanks one of the greatest of actors of our generation. I sure Tom Cruise or Hugh Grant would do a better job??? You don't have to be a fan but you have to admit he is a great actor. As for the book, it is one of the best books I've read in a long time. It was well put together with out any down spots.
I remember a earlier thread about this. Hanks Cracks 'Da Vinci' Cast By Gregg Kilday LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Tom Hanks (news) is expected to step into the scholarly shoes of Robert Langdon, the professor who unravels the mystery of the Holy Grail in the film version of Dan Brown's phenomenally successful novel "The Da Vinci Code." Hanks has emerged as director Ron Howard and producer Brian Grazer's top choice for the lead role in the film, which Columbia...
Any Cary Grant movie Any Sinatra Movie (The best is Robin and the 7 hoods) Ocean's Eleven (both)
I just bought ths gym here in Md. I have 2,000 members and am looking to spruce it up a little bit. He have TV's on all cardio equipment and tons of free weight and cardio equipment. I have a few ideas but was wondering if anyone belong to a club that had something that they thought was good and that drew alot of customers.
I bet almost every week. I won $150 on Bonds Homerun last night. I also Parlay 4 baseball teams and won $900 last night. I almost hit a 12 team basketbal parlay last year. If the Clippers would have scored 2 more points then I would have won $12,000 on a $20 bet.
I'm not sure I will have to think about that one.
The women and the guy were both wrong. She didn't do enough to produce the right product and get the most out of the team. He didn't make his opinion heard. In the business world, like we all know, if you don't make your case in a situation and stay silent, that's the way you will always be: to the side and silent.
He could have forgot the cane. I didn't really like his style but I have to salute him for his individuality. He is different then all the other. None of the other gents really had any style. They had a very bland style.
I have to go to Chicago for a conference and my boss told me to take my wife and the company would pay for everything. Is this acceptable? I would feel strange having the company pay for the hotel and airfare. I could just be me but I was wondering what everyone thought. Yea or Nea?
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