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Thurston,   Are the jacket and sleeves length customizable?   Thanks.
No, I was saying he should probably deal with the leather soles (as in a top or half-sole) before worrying about protecting the uppers. :)
You don't really need beeswax on the uppers because the most vulnerable parts are the leather soles.
Umm, the recent flannel shirts elbow seems to wear down quick.   Didn't noticed this with the ones from last year.
Eh, the leather attached to the toe seems improperly attached to the welt.
Don't understand how someone cannot spare 2 minutes to update worried customers, instead of passive aggressive instagram post about wrong addresses.
Yeah, let's trust a retailer that said weatherproofed leather and waxed canvas having the same breatheability as GoreTex.  LOL. Sigh...
Crane, why don't you just make your affiliate thread and leave this thread to 1k discussions?   I just don't understand why you continue to argue with EVERYONE because you won't "bow down to anyone."   There is a difference from standing your own ground and spamming this thread with negativity.      
 Do the boots include creases and insults?   
Why don't yall just skip the bullshit and use Lexol for conditioning?   Reasons:   -  Thin consistency allows for quick and even application -  PH balance of 6.8-7.0 -  Does not contain any organic or silicon substances -  Cheap and available everywhere -  Patrickbooth approved
New Posts  All Forums: