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 No, that's tan suede.  White balance makes the color look off...
    Received mine yesterday!
I just noticed the prices are in Euro again...
Let us know when you get an answer.  Those heels tend to wear down like erasers.
Just consider this a loss, unless you are still eligible for a chargeback.   Who knows if this company even exist anymore...
 I like my pair of Meermin, but I would gladly pay $100 for better leather, QC, and customer service. Meermin forgot about their customer base with their huge price increase.
Agreed.  Was about to purchase a pair of their double monks this week. At their current pricepoint, it's worth the pay the extra premium for Carminas.
I think you are right the first time. $175 + $45 shipping = $220.00 I wonder if they bill it in USD since most CC companies have currency conversion charges... 
I believe it has something with do with the euro.  Their FAQ still say "All orders will be billed in Euros."
Thurston,   Are the jacket and sleeves length customizable?   Thanks.
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