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Quote: Originally Posted by neyus Journeyman, The Kent & Curwen suits are rebadged Durban not Anthony Squires. They are half canvassed. D'Urban are fully canvassed these days I believe.
Quote: Originally Posted by Raralith Honestly, Kent Brushes are nice, but I prefer lint brushes. Will @ ASW makes a good point at AAAC ( about Kent Brushes removing dust that settles on clothing and the dust wearing cloth. But, the reason why clothes brushes gets out dust is because of abrasion as pointed out later in that thread. You are wearing your clothes by using a brush, and while a lint roller...
Quote: Originally Posted by arc I suppose, but the cheap MTM operations like ... Indochino would be under that range, and would be able to make a suit that actually fits you. Quality may not be as high as $500ish thrifted RTW, but the fit is going to blow it away. Based on the Indochino trainwreck thread, I seriously doubt it.
I've always found Herring's customer service exceptionally good.
I'd stay away from those Loakes. The non-calf Loakes are pretty crappy. And the Deckard is fugly imo.
^ I assumed this was spam. But then I clicked on the link and I can't figure out what the hell it is...
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del If it is warm enough for just a shirt and no sweater or jacket why would you wear a hat ? To me, going out in shirt and tie but no jacket is bad, hat or no hat.
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Hmm, I thought JH wore Anthony Squires bespoke. Is this a reflection on the quality of Squires? Yeah the Anthony Squires website used to (still does?) trumpet Howard as a client with accompanying photo of him in a horribly fitting suit.
Let the dude wear his chain if he wants to ..! Only thing I'd do is shorten the sleeves a smidge. The wrinkling on the sleeves would drive me bananas but not much you cab do about that. I personally don't wear dark shirts with jackets, even casually, but that's just me. Any decent derby or monk strap would work with jeans. There's a dearth of decent shoes at reasonable prices in Oz though.
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