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So update : I'm a size 11 US mens and I bought the mediums.  I've found that they slip off the heel quite when brand new.  I'm hoping after a wash that they do this less often.  The only thing I can attribute this to is that the plastic is a bit hard and not broken in and after it wears down a bit, will have a more uneven surface for it to grip my heel.    I won't count them out yet (as I bought a crapload and rather not send them back, lol).  Will wear for a few...
The ONA Union Street bag is pretty nice.  Right at your price point too :   It's for photography but you can config it for anything.  It also has a laptop slot for 15" computers.  Waxed canvas.
My ninja socks just came in!  Can't wait to rock them :)
Ordered 36 of them.  Hope it's all I'm looking for in no show socks :)
Will these be no show on Tom's as well?  Going to buy them for my friends stinky Tom feet if so. :) apologies. The store clerk told me these were 1947s but after reading the letter in the pocket it came with, it's actually 1955s.  I'm wearing them right now and will take a pic of them when I get home.
Purchased the authentic skinny selvedge jeans the other day.  I'd say it's pretty thick and good quality, for $21.97 you can't go wrong.  On sale right now.  I did feel that it really wasnt that skinny of a fit as compared to the regular skinnys they had about 6 months ago.
Ah ok.  They were purchased from a levi's store.  
Werid..posts aren't going thru.   Anyway, I found that the LVC 47's on ME, sit low like a low rise.  Much different than how my 511s/520s/508s sit.  And yes, I'm not sagging at all. :)   They sit low for me.  And yes I'm not sagging them :)
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