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Just purchased a royal blue Barbour international steve mcqueen edition.  Heard talking about the belt, how some choose to "tie the belt at the back of the jacket" or something?  As I am not too fan of the belt yet, I'd really like to see how that could look like. 
Thank you, this is why i mentioned buying a suit that fits fairly well and get it adjusted, and it seems that may very well be the best option for me. Therefore, I also wondered when major sales will happen, as it will probably be opposite from here in Norway, where summer is just over.  I will certainly pay Herringbone outlet a visit. 
I only remembered now that I forgot to post my budget. I would probably not go over 700 australian dollars for one suit (without shirts, ties etc.). Preferably the price will maybe be even lower, so that I can purchase perhaps two suits, and some accessories.    I am looking for a light to medium weight wool suit. The alternatives from my city in Norway are really limited, therefore I wanted to investigate the opportunities in Sydney.    Edit: Also, I meant MTM
Hi.    I am a 22 years old student from Norway. I am going to Sydney 12. sept to 5. dec and is interested in purchasing one or two suits. Due to the short period of time we are living there and the limited price range I wondered if you would recommend me trying to find a semi-bespoke suit or just try to find a good suit from an acceptable brand. Also, will there happen to be any large sales during the time which I spend there?   I am travelling with many more...
Thanks alot, this was precisely the information I was looking for.    I have tried a suit from Filippa k (Christian Coolwool model), which is a slim jacket fitting me pretty good. Picture below.    Though, as I am travelling til Sydney, Australia in a week, for 3 months, I figured that buying a suit here in Norway might be foolish, as both the range of brands and tailors will be way better then here, not to mention the price. I'll post a reply in an Australian...
As I am a not-too-rich medical student from Norway my style will vary much from the classic SF-user.    Preventi (shoes) Morris Stockholm Acne Filippa k Paul Smith La martina Barbour Miansai (bracelets) Marc by Marc Jacobs
Hi.   What are your thoughts of the subject? Obviously, a one-buttoned suit may often look really bad on tall people. My question is: With the right fitted suit, can a one-buttoned suit look decent for a tall person. I am of course thinking of a casual suit, not a business suit.    Just to put a number on it, let's for the sake of the discussion temporarily define tall as 6.3 feet (193 cm) or above. 
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