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I have a pair of once worn Red Wing GT boots for sale. Color is Black Cherry. Size 9. $200 shipped.
The only "slim" fit the Kohls nearest to me sells is the D1, but I wouldn't consider those slim at all.
Why would you keep shoes you don't like?
Quote: Originally Posted by UltimateSwag i lol'd about tidying my room but here's a better pic [IMG][/IMG] and more of my room You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people and assholes. - Larry David
Quote: Originally Posted by BubblyMasquerade +1 million. damn it feels good to be a gangsta. honestly though, all these fashun forums seem to be rife with awkward (read: ugly) looking azns (no racial, i'm half, but not uglee) in their teens that can't quite afford college yet kop all their expensive clothes with their PARENTS money. FTFY
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Here is a picture of me with my purse. I probably get laid more then you. I am also wearing a purple velvet jacket. This puts me in the same category as Prince. [IMG] [/IMG] You are saying vaguely homophobic things...which actually also puts you in the same category as Prince now that he is a religious whacko. huh. Something tells me you aren't getting laid much. Nice manbag tho.
I just ordered a 38R from vintage trends. Hoping to have it by the end of the week.
Depends on how you plan to wear the shirt. If not tucking I'd say just take in the sides. If you're tucking then do both, the darting will help with the blousing in back. FWIW, the tailor I use usually charges about $18 to take in the sides and slim down the sleeves, which is what I usually have done.
OP should join the circle jerk in the WAYWRN thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by dunelly i'd also like a nice jacket for tropical weather for southeast asia mainly to combat rain. a 34 chest is hard to find Buy when you get there. You'll find plenty of smaller sized stuff, and it'll be cheap.
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