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Thanks Charlie, these were a style of 'clam shell' attaché, I was making in the 90's for professional photographers to carry 'print on board'  portfolio's to show their work to clients. Now everything is digital :)    
Just for interest, here is a sample piece of 'mock' Russian Reindeer, that I had late 80's / early 90's. I bought a side, 2mm - 2.2mm     I made a couple of pieces with this, a portfolio book and an attaché,       Sorry, no idea who made this? but copies have been around for quite a while.
Hi Charlie - Superb workmanship, simon
I have been using the 1786 Russian reindeer hide since the 1980's, so this was not a 'one time', rather a 'last time'  from the hide,  to,   to the finished case, 
Thanks for the comments.   Sorry Tony, I am no longer able to get the 1786 Russian reindeer hide, but if I can help with anything else, please pm me.   simon baker
Agree completely !   I suspect that this false and misleading advertising will not stop until an outraged customer takes the offender ( s ) to court ?   Part of the problem may well be that the advertising copy writers will not understand the difference, but no excuse. I have been told by clients, that when in a certain well known London store, staff will sidle up, and say " you know these are all Hand stitched", again it is unlikely that the shop staff are trained...
Thanks for that Ray, a good post. There needs to be transparency in advertising.....Ha, some hope. In the UK, the 'Advertising Standards Authority' would have the power to correct misleading or false advertising, but I cannot speak to other country's.   I recently had a client ask about a Sterling and Burke handbag, for his wife, that was 'advertised' as Hand Stitched, however I could clearly see marks on the leather from a sewing machine foot? So he contacted them, to...
Hi Gianni,   Thanks for that, that particular piece was a bespoke design for a lady, as a flight 'carry on bag'   The next 2 photo's were bags made to hold padded leather portfolio books, for professional photographers, agencies and other corporate clients,           Hi Charlie, the canvas/leather trimmed case, was one of a pair of Victorian picnic hampers, that I restored/refurbished for a client that wanted one for each of their yachts. They were in very...
Hi, I have over the years designed and made canvas/leather bags, so may be able to help? a few different examples,       Just a few things from my archives. The main difficulty is in being able to find a good quality thick canvas, in a small quantity, to make a single bespoke piece! pm me if I can help, regards, simon
Hi Anton,   I use the bridle butt for the front, back, all strapping and chapes, and the shoulder strap, the gusset, and any pockets are made with the thinner bridle 'lacing hide', also from Sedgwick. Shoulder is available at about a third of the cost of the butt, but is a much looser fibre, and weaker, and will tend to show stretch marks. Because these cases are 30 - 40 hours work, the extra cost of the bridle butt is worth it, in my opinion. This leather is the best...
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