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Hi Nikola,   I would have thought, that sending him an e-mail would work :)   regards, simon
Thanks Charlie, these were a style of 'clam shell' attaché, I was making in the 90's for professional photographers to carry 'print on board'  portfolio's to show their work to clients. Now everything is digital :)    
Just for interest, here is a sample piece of 'mock' Russian Reindeer, that I had late 80's / early 90's. I bought a side, 2mm - 2.2mm     I made a couple of pieces with this, a portfolio book and an attaché,       Sorry, no idea who made this? but copies have been around for quite a while.
Hi Charlie - Superb workmanship, simon
I have been using the 1786 Russian reindeer hide since the 1980's, so this was not a 'one time', rather a 'last time'  from the hide,  to,   to the finished case, 
Thanks for the comments.   Sorry Tony, I am no longer able to get the 1786 Russian reindeer hide, but if I can help with anything else, please pm me.   simon baker
Agree completely !   I suspect that this false and misleading advertising will not stop until an outraged customer takes the offender ( s ) to court ?   Part of the problem may well be that the advertising copy writers will not understand the difference, but no excuse. I have been told by clients, that when in a certain well known London store, staff will sidle up, and say " you know these are all Hand stitched", again it is unlikely that the shop staff are trained...
Thanks for that Ray, a good post. There needs to be transparency in advertising.....Ha, some hope. In the UK, the 'Advertising Standards Authority' would have the power to correct misleading or false advertising, but I cannot speak to other country's.   I recently had a client ask about a Sterling and Burke handbag, for his wife, that was 'advertised' as Hand Stitched, however I could clearly see marks on the leather from a sewing machine foot? So he contacted them, to...
Hi Gianni,   Thanks for that, that particular piece was a bespoke design for a lady, as a flight 'carry on bag'   The next 2 photo's were bags made to hold padded leather portfolio books, for professional photographers, agencies and other corporate clients,           Hi Charlie, the canvas/leather trimmed case, was one of a pair of Victorian picnic hampers, that I restored/refurbished for a client that wanted one for each of their yachts. They were in very...
Hi, I have over the years designed and made canvas/leather bags, so may be able to help? a few different examples,       Just a few things from my archives. The main difficulty is in being able to find a good quality thick canvas, in a small quantity, to make a single bespoke piece! pm me if I can help, regards, simon
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