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Ah, thank you, my apologies. his work is remarkably inexpensive.
Not JE Sedgwicks leather, they say " Traditional English (Devonshire) vegetable tanned bridle leather"
Mostly I use bridle leathers, but also calf, and pigskins when I can get them,     for lighter leathergoods, and pigskins and Goatskins for linings. Don't work with exotics often, so different trades - different leathers - different suppliers.
Won't deal with Crack, had severe quality problems recently, and weird customer service ( lack of ) That saying, I did have a 'mock reindeer' back in the 90's     But I feel that if I cannot get the 'real thing', then just move on. I am happy with the repeatable quality of JE Sedgwicks bridle leathers.    
Thank you DWF,   Yes it is a Jotel, I also have a Ulefos and a couple of  Morso stoves, I am up in the hills, and we are further north than Moscow :) and we regularly have -20c in winter.   Hi Garland, I am no longer able to buy the 1786 Russian reindeer, I think that Cleverleys has a lock on most of what is left.
Hmmm, You name 3 things I don't make, have a quick look at the photo albums on my home page, that will give you an overview.
I confess, I do not know, I will have to go back and reread, something I have not done for 30 years, just dipped into. And, I further confess, that even though we both work with leather, and share many tools, I know nothing about shoemaking, a different, and mysterious trade :)
So sorry, I am unsure what 'Male-maker' is, I will go through the detailed text, and see if I can find it. I can only guess 'inc' means incorporated ?   I have all of Waterer's books, with the exception of 'Spanish Leather' , which seems to be unobtainable, although I have a photocopy of it. His books do turn up on e-bay, prices ranging from reasonable to ridiculous, but Leather in Life Art and Industry, is a worthwhile addition to one's leather library.   I met His...
These might be of some interest, both taken from 'Leather in Life Art and Industry' by John W. Waterer.     One of the problems that Makers face, is the twisting of the Language, by marketing and advertising, obviously for their own ends. Current 'buzz words' include Bespoke, Artisan etc, and entirely meaningless, and usually false phrases like " created by a single craftsman", or my favourite, "An environmentally-conscious leather  ", I've asked my tannery for it,...
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