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Congratulations Dawn and Charlie, well deserved !!
These are the photo's I sent to the chap on e-bay selling the SAB briefcases, to explain and illustrate the difference between machine stitching, and hand stitching.I just took some snaps of a case in the workshop. He said " that he had been told by someone that SAB cases were entirely hand stitched" a fairly common misconception.                  And machine stitching, with apologies to 'scaramanga' who posted this originally, looking for advise about...
He has listed the 2 cases he has on e-bay uk, as "100% TRADITIONAL HAND STITCHED ONE STITCH AT A TIME  " this is incorrect, only the handle and the chapes holding the handle to the case are hand stitched, the rest is machine stitched. On your case, the chapes holding the body straps will also be hand stitched.  
I am often being asked about 'patina', and can we have it now, no I reply, it is a natural process, and takes time. I was contacted by a client from years ago, inquiring about a project he has, and looked him up on the web, to find that he is using a bag I made some 25 years ago, as his home page. Look up the photographer, ALISTAIR TAYLOR - YOUNG,   http://www.at-y.com/   For an example of natural patina. Looks like my work will outlast me :)
Nice collection :) I may have shared this before ? but a catalogue from Barrow and Hepburn 1992,       If memory serves me ? Barrow and Hepburn were the casemakers, and Gale was the tannery back then? I received a sample cutting from Gale, of the red leather they were using then, for the Ministerial boxes, I'll see if I can locate it :)
Both styles of boxes are used for transporting documents, but more than that, I would only be guessing? I will see if I can find out.     you can just see some red boxes lurking below the table.
My guess would be the 1950's, possibly 60's. I'm basing that on the Chubb lock, which in over 30 years of casemaking, I have not seen before, and is certainly no longer made. From what I could gather, speaking to someone at Chubb, they no longer make locks ( that part of the company was sold off ? ), but are now an insurance company ?  these boxes are used for transporting documents,   And correct, the boxes and cases, will belong to the Chancellor of the Exchequer's...
Thank you,   They do look good in Conker,     and black,       and london colour,  
  Thank you.
Tradition, and the importance of the 'office'.     A snap of the outgoing case, and the new.  
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