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Dropping prices to move these bad boys out already! Edward Green "Malvern", black wintips, excellent condition, with plastic heel taps, 12/12.5, 808 Last, $345. Crockett & Jones "Hallam", hand grade model, espresso reverse calf suede, with original box and bags, excellent condition, with plastic heel taps, 12UK, $299.
:nodding:JLC Reverso Gran Sport Chrono Retrograde. Full size bracelet to fit up to 8" wrist. 90% condition. Comes with double boxset, paperwork from 2007, but no user manual, and $1500 service paperwork from 2010 from JLC. Retailed at ~$15k, asking $5599 shipped, with insurance, worldwide. Prefer wire but can take cc +3%.
Looking to move 11 used shirts as a lot, $465 for all 11, shipping included! 1) Kiton, white with black (or very dark gray) stripes, tagged 16, but 15.35" neck measure, shell buttons, no chest pocket, double barrel cuffs, 2) Borrelli, blue with stripes, tagged 16, but 15.55" neck measure, fat MOP buttons, original, quality Borrelli, no chest pocket, barrel cuffs, 3) Zegna, blue with brown panes, tagged M, 15.25" neck, shell buttons, chest pocket, double barrel...
These are the suits i had the IC about yesterday. A lot of people requested a hold on some. Please pm again for payment info so I can ship tomorrow, All are same, 2 button, side vents, half lined, flat front, unhemmed pants, with side adjusters, I have 36S SOLD, 36R SOLD, 38S SOLD, 38R SOLD, 40R SOLD
I just picked up all 5, there were no more, sorry guys, only 36s and 36r still available, others on hold,
Can pick up a bunch of these right now, only if there's interest, Cheers,
Looking to clear out all these as a lot - $200 shipped for all 13. all wearable, although some have some issues, BC = barrel (button) cuff / FC = french cuff 1) Domenico Vacca, pink striped, 15.5/39, FC, no chest pocket, $30. 2) Corneliani, purple dot, 16/41, BC, chest pocket, $20. 1) Borrelli, light blue, tagged 16.5/42, BC, chest pocket, collar tip some wear, $20 2) RLPL, light gray, tagged L, BC, no chest pocket, $35. 3) Banana Republic, white OCBD with...
has anyone had any luck with amuze.com yet? Very Gilt-like, and they have started getting some men's stuff - some Saint Laurent mens shoes & sneakers on sale in the $235–$350 range. although not a ton of sizes...
Hard to find Phineas Cole suit, in excellent condition, with PC suit bag. Super 140's wool, 1 button, side vents, unlined, except for sleeves, peak lapels, soft shoulders, ticket, hacking pockets, flat front pants, no belt loops, side adjusters and cuffs, chest: 22.25" / waist: 20.25" / shoulders: 19" / sleeves: 26" / BOC: 30" / Pants: 37" x 31" + 1.75" cuff + .75" folded under
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