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Get a new cobbler.
Did they start selling 12 1/2s recently? Because last I checked half sizes only went to 11 1/2
I personally would not recommend getting anything smaller than a 1/2 size down from your Brannock size. Tons of recommendations in this thread as to why, even just a few pages back. As Crane said, there are many techniques to adjust to a size too big but too small? you're screwed. Expensive mistake.
I slathered it on thick and warmed with hairdryer. It soaked in deeply in some areas more than others.
I haven't used the LP but I can confirm that SnoSeal darkens the Tans significantly. A bit too much in my case. I went too heavy on the snoseal (with hairdryer to soak in). I definitely wanted to darken them because they were far too light right out of the box but in retrospect I should have gone easier on the snoseal until I acheived the shade desired. My heavy handed method not only darkened them a little more than I would have liked but also made the color inconsistent....
Try Crane's
I'm glad that you are happy with them but personally I think the original sole and heel look much better than this.
I think they are only available online from the U.S. site.
Hello, been lurking around for a while. Decided to finally join.
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