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Just a heads up we have the Slim Guy Left Hand Twill Deep Indigo on sale for $101.25 and the Slim Guy Broken Twill Selvedge on sale for $105.  We also just got the Double Sided Camo and Dirty Fade Selvedge in the Weird Guy fit.
    Yeah, earlier this year for SS12 they put out a lighter weight (I think around 11oz? can't remember) Greencaste Selvedge that starts as a lighter blue and greenish hues would show as it faded (Pic 1), and in their current lineup they have a 14 oz Green Selvedge (Pic 2).      
Whether or not you need protein shakes depends on your fitness goals.  If your trying to gain mass and/or get stronger, then I definitely think protein shakes help.  As someone stated earlier, a general rule of thumb when trying to gain mass is to intake daily a gram of protein for each pound you weigh.  It can be difficult to eat that much protein from solid food in a single day, especially when you consider the time it will take to prepare and cook everything, or...
What's up everyone -    The Class Room is having our End of Summer sale going on right now to make room for the new Fall inventory: 50-65% off shirts from Mark McNairy, Vanishing Elephant, Hamilton 1883, Bridge & Burn, and Freshjive 50% off shorts 50% off Epperson Mountaineering backpacks 40% off Austin Jeffers belts 30% off Tanner Goods belts 25% off tanks from Freshjive and Tantum   Hit the jump below to shop the sale online.  Feel...
    The RGt Stanton is a great jean, but even though it is definitely not a "skinny" jean, the thigh fits a little more snug than other "slim" jeans.  The leg also tapers.  The Naked & Famous Slim Guy has more room in the thigh and has a truer straight leg fit.  Since you say you have a "semi-large" athletic rear and thighs, you might wanna check out the Slim Guys.
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