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Bump! Pics coming up soon, after a long hiatus I have broken in the  'cordovan card holder
Update: Just recieved my shell cordovan card holder in the mail, I will soon post pics of it!
Can anyone reccomend me some slim wallet or pouch or card holder that is under $50? I'm not really looking to spend lots of money on a wallet or pouch or card holder, but I need something that's small/slim given that most of my chinos are on the slim side. I just need something to hold my credit card, drivers license, and a few small things. Need to replace my wallet, which is on the bulky side.  Thanks!   Edit: I recently...
Hey guys any tips for some good basketball shoes? Im thinking about the new hyperdunks but dont know at this point. 
How do I keep myself from drinking? I need to stop. What do I try?
Well I recently purchased Snazzy shell cordovan wallet.    And I purchased a freaking awesome pair of shoes!!!!!!!   I can't wait for them to arrive! What are your guys thoughts?
I have two favorite shoes, The first are a pair of blue sperries that I have worn for two years! They have aged quite well.  The second is a pair of Yuketen, 04603M SG BROWN shoes.    Edit: I have recently ordered a pair of Love Joules leather shoes. 
Hello master player! That seems quite sound, a seperate case for cards and for bills. I know what you mean, I wear slim fit chinos, and skinny jeans so bulky wallets can be a pain sometimes. 
Hello Everyone, This is KenjiKen and today I am splurging on a Shell Cordovan wallet! My recent wallet has been outdated and after looking on the forum- as well as doing my own research, I have compiled a list of wallets that I am looking to purchase. Give me your feedback!   First wallet is a shell cordovan bifold. I'm not a huge fan of the bi fold but I have heard some good reviews of it.    Here's another wallet, perhaps my...
Thanks brizzle!  I'll look into that
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