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I have a macbook bag from Not exactly a briefcase but ages quite well.  I think its suede 
Bump, Just browsing through pinterest  found some nifty looking stuff.  (Not sure if it qualifies as a small leather craftsmen however)
Was considering that one Jlarson, but not a fan of handpainted leather tbh 
Saw this on youtube- not really a briefcase but its damn gorgeous.          found at    
My personal favorite leather craftsman is  TheLeatherShop. Bit of a wonky name but they have some excellent reviews on youtube! From what I can tell they are handmade in the USA (thus changing my preference from Saddleback to them)   Here's an excellent review of a product   and their website is at   What are your favorite leather craftsmen? 
Those all sound good but the Tom Ford looks quite good. I personally don't own any of the brands so like Huntsman  I cannot attest to their quality. The card case I have is a stitchless cordovan wallet- rare these days right?
Bump, pictures up!     and here it is from a different view       Overall impressions: It works great for cards. I keep my ID credit cards and what not in it. It's slim and also shell cordovan so I've noticed it "breaking in."   More coming up soon. 
Noticed there wasn't one! i'll start! Post your favorite sleeves and cases for the iPad!
Great thread idea. The only leather artisan I know isnt really one- he has a small business. This guy in Seattle is making some f*cking amazing stuff. Lol has anyone ordered stuff from ? 
Anyone tried the Jan Marini bioglycolic facial wash? I just ordered it in the mail. Does it work for taking care of acne? 
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