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This is the first time I have seen a contrasting collar on a sports coat/blazer. What does this mean for the formality? Is this more of a flash in the pan fashion thing that will likely be forgotten soon or is there some history here?
Oops. I probably should have listed that.  Depends on the brand.  I have fit into 9's, 8.5's and 9.5s.  Let me know which brand you have and I can try some on in store for a sizing reference.
I am hoping to find a black closed-laced oxford dress shoe for under 90.  I know it's a longshot.  I am continuing to scour ebay, but figured that I might as well give it a go here.  I am not particular to any brand.  Thanks.
I just bought my first pair of dress boots.  Can anyone tell me how I should be caring for them (polish vs conditioner etc) so that they stay sharp?  
Let's say 100 ceiling.    I will be wearing them in all sorts of weather (rain, snow, etc) but only inside and on sidewalks.
My current everyday shoes are about to die. I have only recently made any sort of attempt to be fashion conscious and have lurked here for a while, so bear with me. I am currently in graduate school, so there is no need for the shoe to be particularly formal. In fact, pretty much any kind of shoe that is not a sneaker seems to be considered formal by grad student standards.   In starting the search for new boots, I found myself unsure as to what kind...
Yes, both sizes are slim cut, which is why I think that the 36 fit better on me.  A 34 regular suit would be ideal, but the 34 slim is too much.  Thanks.
I recently purchased a suit for classical concerts. The pants fit really well, but I am having second thoughts about the jacket. I picked up a 36. Technically, I am a 34, but the one I tried on was very tight ( I couldn't lift my arms past 30 degrees from vertical) and pulled at the midsection. Likewise, it felt as though it contoured my hips too much. Finally, seeing as I have started lifting, I thought my chest measurement would go up before it went...
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