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 Can you help me initiate my return as well? I had e-mailed last week and called but haven't heard back. I'm moving soon, so would like to at least get my return item mailed in before I move. Also, I had ordered the suit I wanted in the correct size and love it. Much thanks!
I got the snuff suede also and am very happy with the purchase. Wore it twice and have had no issues with squeeking at all
"busy season" is a recruiting lie, and you could easily be busy year round.
Things ive heard students tell each other:1. Firms having a pact to not hire you if you reneg one for the other2. Not being allowed to use career center services once the firm tells your career center you renegged.3. Future relationship of the firm you renegged with your school (may hire less ppl from your school if consistent history of students renegging).Only one I'd put any weight on is the second because for my school we did agree to terms on honoring agreements with...
Don't have an MBA, but I'm considering it in the future.  So I'm not the target audience you wanted advice from but here are my thoughts.  Skimmed War and Peace above and pretty much agree with it.  ROI calculation for someone making a comfortable income always comes out pretty bad for MBA.  What makes the MBA still desirable for some is if it opens up opportunities and networks that you otherwise did not have & these opportunities are something you place a high...
Asking for an extension is fine and asking by e-mail is fine too.  This is a normal part of the recruiting process.   The mid-tier firms give you these early deadlines to make you feel pressured to decide before you hear back from the B4.  They either really liked you, will give you the extension, and proceed to spam the hell out of your phone/email to convince you to accept. Or you barely made the cut and they say no.     Despite all the supposed repercussions...
Any thoughts on this?  I'll be in my tailor's area on tuesday and wanna drop it off then if the suit should be kept/doesn't require extreme fixes. Thanks
Hi tailors,   Looking for some suggestions on alterations for my first suit. Benjamin Classico 36S.  Obviously the sleeve length and pants length can be shortened but I'm not sure what else it needs outside of that. Thanks!            
Maybe the medium is going to be half of the customers wanting slimmer and half saying it runs small haha.  I received my 36s navy and like it thus far.  It's only my second suit (first self purchased) so I'll post pictures of the fit to get some feedback in the tailor thread when I find someone to take a picture for me 
Advisory and consulting are both very broad groups with different teams under them.  A couple of my former classmates are in strategy and operations, deloitte's top consulting group.  According to them, they never take audit laterals. So if your main reason for accepting audit at deloitte was to get into that group, I'd reconsider. But other groups, such as Consulting ERS, may be easier to jump into from audit.  Also, I wouldn't sweat which firm you pick that much if all...
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