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Price drops
Picture is from here buddy
Looks like a Silver & Gold fit pic. Jersey looks like this The blazer & pants are possibly Soloist  
For Sale           Thanks   C
For Sale   $130   $115 for the pair + Shipping + PayPal    Selling as I am changing my style and the fact the blazer is quite ill fitting on me.   The blazer has been work appox 3 times and the chinos around 8. Both will be hand washed before shipment.   The blazer is a medium and the chinos are tagged 30 but please see measurements below.     UW Chino   Size  Waist    Leg    Rise    Knee    Thigh   Hem   30     32.0      28.5   12.25...
I'm selling two pairs of vintage Gensons circa 1970's. One made out of antelope leather and one made out of hippo suede. I'm based in the uk so I'm not exactly sure of shipping to the usa due to the materials used.   Many more images on the links provided.   Current bid for the antelope is $162.50 These are uk size 10.5   Antelope Hippo...
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