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I sense epic thread coming on.   Good stuff Victor ;)
  I didn't mention anything about material or quality of build but rather the general shape and more specifically the way the brim is folded. That's how I learned it over the years. But as others have pointed it out, it's a controversial topic, even on hat forums. Bates Hatters definition seems logical, something I'd consider as the proper definition.   Good thing you pointed out the fact that they're are pieces of crap. Excellent wording and mature way of conveying your...
Post a picture of what you understand to be a fedora?
But linings can be different. What then? ;)
Title says it all. Any tips or tricks to postpone the need for dry cleaning?
Although difficult to say by just viewing online, I think I'd would personally have worn something like this.,68&optionValueIds=   Good luck on your interview.
  This.   Which I think is basically also your opinion, Quadcammer, no?
  How very true.
Trilby below: Note the brim, because that's where the biggest difference is. Most people visualize a trilby when they say/hear fedora.     Fedora below:       Note the brim is upturned all the way around.
  Nope. Sorry. What isn't up to discussion is what the majority view formal as. And unfortunately, it's a suit. Formal for the majority is not black tie/white tie/tux/no watch (because a gentlemen doesn't count the time at events like these, no?)/etc, it's...a simple suit, with a tie of course.   But I understand you, truly, I do. You're the guy in the pic below:     And you're facing an uphill battle. Kudos to you though.   ....   Good thing you got a defined dress...
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