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Wear what you like. I think it's fine for a casual attitude. For formal days I'd go with something more discreet.
Quote: Originally Posted by PocketCircle I'm jealous. Until you find that ankle length socks always slide down in two minutes or less and many OTC socks cut off the circulation in your feet. Maybe I should try sock garters.
And if all else fails, go see your shirtmaker, picture in hand. As for the tie, you could try Sam Hober.
I still struggle with the idea of buying a watch that's designed to be indestructible and then treating it with kid gloves. If you're buying a watch as an investment, fine, put it in a safe and treat as such. However, if you're buying a tool, albeit a very nice tool, use the thing.
PM sent on Orange with orangie bits.
Interested in knowing more about the RM Williams boots.
Pm on the David Chu
I never used to wear pocket squares. Then I started hanging out around here. I know have gobs of them and won't wear a jacket without one. I look at it as a way of accenting an outfit or finishing it off. When I don't/can't/shouldn't wear a tie it gives me another element to make an outfit more 'me'. Besides, it's just plain 'right', and someone has to stand for what's right. If you're not going to wear one, commission your suits without a pocket on the breast then!
I agree with the MTM. If you look around you should be able to find someone to make shirts for less than you'd pay off the rack at the more expensive men's stores. Plus then you get to pick all your detailing and fabrics.
I avoid the exit interview at all costs. Nothing good can come of them. Schedule it for the week AFTER you've left the company.
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