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I keep a gray and blue pair of silk knots in my 'go kit' in case I find I forgot my links while on the road.
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I have read the marketing material written by the trouser press people but I have the same question. I don't know if I should get one or not.
only back when I was very young and the Swatch craze was in full tilt...even then it was mostly multiple watches only on the same arm.
Thank you very much for the excellent post. I think the shoes came out looking very rich. Congratulations.
With those chest measurements those measure to be 42 longs, not 44L. You might want to take some better full jacket photos in the daylight since they're a bit hard to see.
Jacket looks nice.
What tie with this? Something tells me whoever is behind this website is wondering where this spike in traffic is coming from.
At the top of this forum there is a link where you can spend countless hours lost in the wonderment of high end shoes. Once you see something you like you can use the search function to find more information about particular makers or where to buy them. Welcome to the dark side.
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