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Love the Old English Medallion, bordeaux...too bad not a 43.5.
Check your measurements. The chest is a bit small. Also, you should add the length measurement for the jacket.
Second on the chest measurements seeming small. More like a 42.
I have these and they're very nice.
I find the Yoox site to be painful to navigate and the fact they don't list their longs has kept me from buying anything from them. Their site is a great example of awful user interface.
No. Too risky for an experiment.
Maybe, depends on the overall outfit. Quite easy to do wrong though I think.
I am a management consultant. I tend to wear odd jackets a lot with ties. I would wear suits but I get enough flak wearing odd jackets. When doing presentations and meeting senior people I tend to wear suits. I have had more than one senior manager of very large companies give me grief for 'being WAY too dressed up'. Nothing like a CFO of a mega company wandering around in ratty old dockers and an ill fitting polo button down shirt. I would love to work with a...
Very interesting in seeing how these turn out.
Thank you for sharing your experiences. It's unfortunate that you did not seem to get a single well fitting shirt out of this process.
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