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NWT Polo 40R 100% Flax Sportcoat List $1195 - Shipped CONUS $250->$200-$175 Green and tan combination. Very cool looking jacket - Single vent Chest 21" Shoulders 19" Waist 19.75" Length 30.5" Sleeve 25" Second Hand Super Heavy Polo sportcoat with single vent. Canvassed. $60 Shipped CONUS This is a great Horseblanket style jacket and sadly doesn't fit the person I bought it for. Shoulders: 18.75" Chest:20.5" Waist: 19" Length:30.5" Sleeves:23" w/2" to let out Burberry...
I always wear a square. Won't wear a jacket without one. Totally SF's fault.
I wear odd jackets a lot....suits, a lot less. Most of my coworkers and clients are in shirt sleeves and I feel that wearing an odd jacket without a tie is about as far as I can push it without standing out too much.
PM sent on #3.
Are the Boglioli's canvassed?
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff sorry, im not affiliated to Lance at all...but this black pinstripe is dope!!!! dude you are killing me. and it is my size. my wife is going to lynch me tie me up from the back of a pickup and drag me all over town Take the jacket off before she does that. Be a shame to ruin it.
holy cow. I think I wore a size 6 when I was 8...and my parents definitely didn't buy me G&Gs. Of course, knowing that many of the shoes in HI go to the Asian market, it makes sense.
Does thier tailoring offer extend to their US tour or only for local work?
Price Drops
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