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Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC I've been eyeing that Rubinacci Victory square for awhile, but can't bring myself to pull the trigger. Like I need another ps. What does 'need' have to do with it? After all, a ps by it's very nature is not a 'need' thing.
Price drops
Some new ones including a Tessitura Monti textured voile shirting based on a write up from Will's blog.
Price drop on the corneliani and polo
In person is a great idea. Except that the shirt maker is in a different city. Both my friend and I were working there regularly, until this past week. Now, we will not be back in that city for an unknown period of time.
Early July I took a friend to a shirt maker I have used in the past with the intent of introducing them to custom made shirts. A deposit was taken and my friend was promised a initial shirt by the end of July. However, the end of July has come and gone and we're now into mid-August. My friend has not heard from the shirt maker and has called a bunch of times and e-mailed, both to no avail. I have also e-mailed and PM'd, without results. I really like the work this...
NWT Polo 40R 100% Flax Sportcoat List $1195 - Shipped CONUS $250->$200-$175 Green and tan combination. Very cool looking jacket - Single vent Chest 21" Shoulders 19" Waist 19.75" Length 30.5" Sleeve 25" Second Hand Super Heavy Polo sportcoat with single vent. Canvassed. $60 Shipped CONUS This is a great Horseblanket style jacket and sadly doesn't fit the person I bought it for. Shoulders: 18.75" Chest:20.5" Waist: 19" Length:30.5" Sleeves:23" w/2" to let out Burberry...
I always wear a square. Won't wear a jacket without one. Totally SF's fault.
I wear odd jackets a lot....suits, a lot less. Most of my coworkers and clients are in shirt sleeves and I feel that wearing an odd jacket without a tie is about as far as I can push it without standing out too much.
PM sent on #3.
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