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+1 to CoffeeGeek. Also, look at Single Serve Espresso
I saw some Aldens with a commando sole. Like tanks. Anyone know of an online source for Aldens. I like the C&J suggestion, that might work. I know it's a challenging need to fill but I need to find something. I used to wear a Cole Hahn with a commando sole in the winter. But, they wore out so now I'm looking for something better.
I am not a fan of the traditional button down. But I do like the way the collar stays put with the hidden button down. I was thinking of getting shirts that would only be worn without a tie with this style collar. Otherwise I prefer a spread collar.
In the DC area. I was reading about Fields. Maybe I should take it there and see what they say.
Good options. Now, to find some reviews of these places... I think at least for my first order I'd like to stay local. Chan's and the other online places are interesting but I think I'll try one of the local options first.
Not a major pen geek but I have a few. My 'go to' for an easy writer is a Pelikan 400 with a BB nib. I use it most with a bottle of J. Herbin Verte Reseda ink. I like the Terre De Feu. They have scented inks too...if you're into that sort of thing.
Like it? I love it. However, it's too tight in the chest. I'm thinking of going on a diet and stop exercising to see if I can lose some muscle and shrink up a bit Next time---44L!
I stumbled upon a new dark blue pinstriped 3-button Brioni at the NM Last Call for just over $1,000. It's labeled a 42L and seemed a bit small in the store but I bought it anyway to bring it home and try on. I'm afraid it is too small and I'll have to return it but now I'm curious to learn more about Brioni with the hopes of finding similar deals in the future. The model is labeled 'Nomentano' and the fabric is 105/2002. What are the Brioni models and what...
I've been thinking about my whole wardrobe lately since it's dawned on me it needs some work. The items that I really like are ones that I have no regrets or concerns about. Anything that I remember having a "I'm not sure I'll like that"...seems I didn't. Style aside, if you have hesitation b/c of the brand and it's association for you, don't get them. You don't need a pair of shoes that you'll ask yourself "Do I really like these" each time you put them on.
Tarmac, any recommended brands?
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