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Not a major pen geek but I have a few. My 'go to' for an easy writer is a Pelikan 400 with a BB nib. I use it most with a bottle of J. Herbin Verte Reseda ink. I like the Terre De Feu. They have scented inks too...if you're into that sort of thing.
Like it? I love it. However, it's too tight in the chest. I'm thinking of going on a diet and stop exercising to see if I can lose some muscle and shrink up a bit Next time---44L!
I stumbled upon a new dark blue pinstriped 3-button Brioni at the NM Last Call for just over $1,000. It's labeled a 42L and seemed a bit small in the store but I bought it anyway to bring it home and try on. I'm afraid it is too small and I'll have to return it but now I'm curious to learn more about Brioni with the hopes of finding similar deals in the future. The model is labeled 'Nomentano' and the fabric is 105/2002. What are the Brioni models and what...
I've been thinking about my whole wardrobe lately since it's dawned on me it needs some work. The items that I really like are ones that I have no regrets or concerns about. Anything that I remember having a "I'm not sure I'll like that"...seems I didn't. Style aside, if you have hesitation b/c of the brand and it's association for you, don't get them. You don't need a pair of shoes that you'll ask yourself "Do I really like these" each time you put them on.
Tarmac, any recommended brands?
Some answers... I wear suits sometimes, slacks and a blazer sometimes, rarely just slacks and a shirt. I don't drive where I'm traveling but I do drive when I get there (I fly a great deal). Snow is what I'm concerned about. Price <$400 preferably. Style wise, I'm pretty open and my tastes are changing. I was a Cole Hahn wearer...but that's changing (hence the post).
I am looking for a winter shoe recommendation. I travel a great deal and visit clients so changing shoes at the office isn't really an option. I need something that I can wear with 'business casual' without looking like a dork. I'm finally upgrading my shoe collection and I need to find some pairs to wear when the weather is inclement and I could use some suggestions on brands/soles/etc.
I also wear a shirt without a tie a lot (Business casual work environment). I'm thinking of getting some shirts done with a hidden button down collar. Thoughts on that? I've had some RTW with snaps, buttons with little tabs and ones where the collar has a button hole on the rear of the collar point. Which one is preferable?
I've decided I'm done wearing poorly fitting, sloppy clothes. This site is great and I've read a great many posts and learned a lot already. I only wish I had found it years ago. I live in Washington, DC and I'd like to find a place to get custom shirts done. As I've not experienced the process before I would like to work with a shop that can guide me through the process and help me find what I would like. I'd also like to know roughly what sort of price I should...
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