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Quote: Originally Posted by Ajaxv2 Word. Nobody ever puts up real pictures/describes items properly. People who list items as having "no pleats" and then ship me pleated clothing that would make my grandfather blush should be shot. Shot I say! Or 'perfect condition' and it looks like it has been drug underneath a bus for 20 miles.
Yoox never excited me. If they can't ID a long from a regular I can't purchase. Esp. from the 'no returns' bin.
Not quite 'right' to my eye. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
If you are looking for outdoor gear, you would likely know where to look. If you're looking to wear North Face as street wear, I can't help you b/c wearing outdoor gear for street wear strikes me as ridiculous. Try a sweater for warmth, or any of a number of makers of various jackets and coats.
19". I'll add to the original post.
Update for sales.
Update for sales and price drops
Corneliani suit sold.
Price drops
PS is a new one to me. Glad to add it. I think the key is to read, learn and digest. I can tell already that PS has a very 'British' leaning...and that many of the views and attitudes follow that and really don't have much bearing on me in America (no brown in town for instance).
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