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The images seem to have disappeared.
Too slow.
AE cambridge shell. Seems to be a fav around here so now I get to give it a try.
I'd like to get some odd trousers done using some fabric I've picked up. I'm in Washington, D.C.. Field could do it but I can't justify $500+ a pair. I could try Joe Hemrajani next time he's in town. Any suggestions?
Sometimes at Off 5th or at NM Last Call stores. I have seen and purchased mainline Zegna at Nordstrom Rack as well but only a select couple of stores.
PM on #1
I agree with going 'classic' and a formal necktie. There are some great articles on this site including a write up by Manton that influenced my wedding attire. Drakes has some traditional wedding neckties. I ordered a custom tie from Sam Hober who you can find via the forum as well.
5 buttons - throw it away... 3 buttons - with bottom button fastened. ew.
Nothing worse than someone with a double vented jacket sporting two 'x's on their jacket where the vents are sewn shut and not opened before wearing.
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