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Had these left over from a prior batch. Size 36 (marked 52) Dark brown Incotex. 100% cotton very soft material. Made in Romania. Flat Front. Slim Fit. 36" waist. 10" Rise. 8.25" leg opening. SOLD
As I'm still in the mode of overhauling my wardrobe I'm lusting after seasonally appropriate clothing (year round suiting my foot). So, heavy weight pants, jackets, suits...shirts...etc. And Boots...I need boots! Oh, and clearance summer stuff for next year
PM'd re: measurements on the Brown Donegal
Definitely high priced. I've paid less for new Zegna suits.
Own the Weymouth in Antique Brown. I like them a lot and wear them regularly. Get compliments on them as well. As for patina, yes, polish it well and it glows. It comes a bit neutral when new, but so do most good shoes.
Stopped by the polo store in Chevy Chase MD. Sale terms were the same as those on the website via the invite email. No EGs on sale. And geez, the price really went up on those.
At least he's not alone. I think he's pretty much 'corporate standard' now. This forum has destroyed me...I can not sit in a meeting with a dozen corporate types without spending at least half the meeting cringing at the clothing on display.
I wear odd jackets more than suits...so, I have gathered a few also...and have about a dozen more I want. Isaia burgundy with blue windowpane Zegna grey blue windowpane Zegna su misra heavy as all get out three button solid blue....the blazer for subzero temps! Zegna purplish grey - light but fuzzy and comfortable Pal Zileri greenish glen plaid - most comfortable jacket I own...fits like a sweater Pal Zilieri grey nails head Canali grey glen paid Canali Blue...
PM on tie #2
Bummer on the Brioni. Now, if it was a long....
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