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Only happens with my flannel pants. And of course it's flannel pant season. I'll join the support group. Quote: Originally Posted by PocketCircle This never happened to me. Do you all have huge muscular calves? Yes
Tough one. I don't think there are agreed upon standards for 'style'. For dress clothing I see the distinctions being "American", "English" and "Italian". Then there is the 'classic' or 'modern' takes on those. Ultimately the goal isn't to 'find a style and stick to it' but to develop your own...which is likely to change over time.
$350 is a pretty good price.
Wore one. White linen, NOT TV fold to several interviews with a consulting firm...uptight high end types. Got the job. Felt good about being myself. And that's what that damn pocket is for! Thank you SF.
PM on the Fawsley's
price drop
I don't see any difference in the pricing. The 'final clearance' must be over.
I like the flexibility of the hidden button down. I have a few 'sometimes w/mostly w/out tie' shirts with hidden button downs. But, I'm coming closer to thinking they don't work well with ties....for the reason you mentioned. The tie can make the points do odd things.
I only have issues with a couple of REALLY FAT wool ties I have. It's like wearing a scarf under my collar. I have some shirts that just won't do...I don't know what you call it but the 'under collar' is not tall enough to handle the wool and the collar itself isn't long enough to wrap around and sit flush.
price drop on remaining
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