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price drop
I don't see any difference in the pricing. The 'final clearance' must be over.
I like the flexibility of the hidden button down. I have a few 'sometimes w/mostly w/out tie' shirts with hidden button downs. But, I'm coming closer to thinking they don't work well with ties....for the reason you mentioned. The tie can make the points do odd things.
I only have issues with a couple of REALLY FAT wool ties I have. It's like wearing a scarf under my collar. I have some shirts that just won't do...I don't know what you call it but the 'under collar' is not tall enough to handle the wool and the collar itself isn't long enough to wrap around and sit flush.
price drop on remaining
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas Beautiful shirts. Do you typically wear a tie with your business casual attire? Not always. I will wear (did today actually) the brown and blue one with a solid or mostly solid tie. The purple was intended for no, and the yellow and blue will likely see some days with a tie and some without. Quote: Originally Posted by Kuro very nice; very interesting...how is his fabric...
$85 -> $80-> $75 shipped Conus #1 - Sold #2 Sold #3 - yellow to clear quartz. Subtle and nice.
Shipment of new shirts from Carl came in. Three business casual and one more formal.
PM Sent
A friend of mine has the same suit and reported the same issue. His tailor wouldn't remove it for him.
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