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No. Easier and cheaper to have them made.
PM Sent
Quote: Originally Posted by bmulford sprint wireless cards on your laptop = outside of the VPN, Proxy and Firewalls. decouple your NIC, plug in your wifi card during and check emails on your BB. smoove. +1 Wear a pocket square. It's the job of people like us to bring back proper dressing. If we fail to get a job because a small bit of white linen peeks from our pocket...why would we want to work with such dull trolls in the first...
I'm now on the hunt for a camel overcoat...and I'm not old.
1/2 size smaller and I'd take them. Interesting biz casual shoe.
I dig #2 - too bad it's not a 44L. And you really should put that Brioni on for some photos. Looks groovy!
It seems to me that most of the people on this forum are excluded/overlooked by that article. Oh well.
Boxes eat space and I can't oogle my shoes. Why would I want to keep them?
Loafers would be fine. Penny, tassle, hell, even kiltie.
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