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PM Sent
Quote: Originally Posted by bmulford sprint wireless cards on your laptop = outside of the VPN, Proxy and Firewalls. decouple your NIC, plug in your wifi card during and check emails on your BB. smoove. +1 Wear a pocket square. It's the job of people like us to bring back proper dressing. If we fail to get a job because a small bit of white linen peeks from our pocket...why would we want to work with such dull trolls in the first...
I'm now on the hunt for a camel overcoat...and I'm not old.
1/2 size smaller and I'd take them. Interesting biz casual shoe.
I dig #2 - too bad it's not a 44L. And you really should put that Brioni on for some photos. Looks groovy!
It seems to me that most of the people on this forum are excluded/overlooked by that article. Oh well.
Boxes eat space and I can't oogle my shoes. Why would I want to keep them?
Loafers would be fine. Penny, tassle, hell, even kiltie.
Only happens with my flannel pants. And of course it's flannel pant season. I'll join the support group. Quote: Originally Posted by PocketCircle This never happened to me. Do you all have huge muscular calves? Yes
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