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Just purchased the green wool one.
I have a bunch of jackets and suits I need to get rid of. All prices include US shipping NWT Armani Collezioni $175 Size 44c 19" Shoulder, 29.5" length, 24.5" Sleeve, 21.5" chest, 19.5" waist Double vent Luigi Bianchi - 44L $175 Mantova 20" Shoulder, 33.5" Length, 27" Sleeve, 21" chest, 20" waist Double vent Charcoal Plaid 2 button Used Leonard Logsdail bespoke $150 Charcoal Gray Worstead. Double vented, pleated trousers with cuffs 20" Shoulder, 31.5" length, 24.25"...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Max Verre Patent leather shoes - Max Verre is EXTREMELY rare in the states Very nice.
Very handy. Hope this sticks around.
PM on the Martegani's
2nd on the measurements please.
Nice. Ordered.
PM Sent
We all know money does not buy taste. Also, where are we learning how to dress. Those of us who frequent this site and learn the traditional 'rules' about dressing are few and far between. Most people do not have a father to teach them, a tailor to dress them or even a decent shop clerk to point them in the right direction. His manner of dress is disappointing but understandable.
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