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I have something almost identical. Very useful jacket and I wear it all the time.
Awful late to this party but I'll weigh in, the D'Avenza is on a totally different level of quality (up several levels). I think they are a screaming bargain and both of the ebay stores that list them are great to work with.
Nice lining. I was looking at that lining book for my current commission.
Second the idea of No Man Walks Alone. I just picked up an Eidos overcoat. As mentioned it does push the boundaries but I like that.
8cm is too narrow.
Just purchased the green wool one.
I have a bunch of jackets and suits I need to get rid of. All prices include US shipping NWT Armani Collezioni $175 Size 44c 19" Shoulder, 29.5" length, 24.5" Sleeve, 21.5" chest, 19.5" waist Double vent Luigi Bianchi - 44L $175 Mantova 20" Shoulder, 33.5" Length, 27" Sleeve, 21" chest, 20" waist Double vent Charcoal Plaid 2 button Used Leonard Logsdail bespoke $150 Charcoal Gray Worstead. Double vented, pleated trousers with cuffs 20" Shoulder, 31.5" length, 24.25"...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Max Verre Patent leather shoes - Max Verre is EXTREMELY rare in the states Very nice.
Very handy. Hope this sticks around.
PM on the Martegani's
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