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If you are not resident in the EU you can get VAT refund in the usual way
Hi I visited both the Vass stores yesterday and found everyone very friendly and helpful. I bought a pair of double monks on the k last which is a slightly longer version of the u last. They don't have a lot of models in stock so if you are visiting, it would be better if you order in advance. Cost is 405 euros with shoe trees after 10% discount if paid in cash but no vat refund. Vat refund only available if you pay by credit card and then it's only 13%. Cheers.
Yes ignore it.   No one will really notice. He is part of the family and most will assume he is just part of the 'party'.
Bumping this up friends. Thanks
What is the difference in price between buying the same pair of shoes in Budapest (+27% VAT) vs buying it outside of Hungary (no 27% VAT but + shipping and bank transfer)?  I would like to know if the difference is significant or not because I may be visiting Budapest next year.  Thanks friends.
Do we still have to pay VAT even though the shoes are exported?
How much are Vass shoes if bought in Budapest?
Thank you all for your advice.  All of you have made good points which I will consider.    Cheers.   eteo
Hi, no the wedding is in an old hotel. This is the Weymouth This is a cap toe Oxford I'm leaning towards the brogues. Thanks for your opinions friends.
Hi, I'll be attending a wedding in the UK soon as a guest.    Likely to be semi-formal/formal.  I'll be wearing a dark grey/charcoal suit.  I'm considering a few shoes.  I have an old oxford black captoe that I was originally going to wear.  Its classical but I think boring and quite old and a little creased.    I was thinking of either my CJ weymouth in dark brown or my Church's Perth (a brogue) in black....
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