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They are definitely not shell.  Either full grain or corrected grain, can't tell for sure. 
 I really like Lexol conditioner but it doesn't really penetrate very well either which I generally consider to be good thing (less solvent).  If you need a conditioner that penetrates, I find that Bick4 works well.
I am having the opposite problem with boxes.  I ordered 2 cases of 2 different size boxes and the next day I received 20 cases of 2 different box sizes.
It looks a little skinny to me.  Here is another one that is cheaper.
Some pretty good deals on decent shirts.,en_US,sc.html?pmin=33&pmax=50&sz=156
Yes, it takes about 2 weeks to receive the item. is worth a visit.
If you are in the southeast, you should check out Sid Mashburn.
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