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so how would this work in practice? - buy rock from online vendor - send rock to good custom jeweler - work w/ him on getting a handmade ring and custom setting? ??
... very interesting how multiple venders are advertising the same stone. seems like a clearing house sort of thing were deals would be harder to come by. I assume that with the online vendors there is little room for price negotiation due to things like this?
I just spent some time reading the info at http://www.pricescope.com.... they have price stats and cut quality search engines that are very useful. There is good info in tools such as the HCA (Holloway Cut Adviser) that help in the search. I'm still a little apprehensive about distant buying but then again the options are much greater ... I guess it's similar to buying a suit at a distance, i.e., if you really know your measurements there should be no problem, but then...
Costco? Just had a quick look and they have a huge selection. Not sure of what I think about buying a diamond from Costco though. Costco vs Whiteflash thoughts? I like the lifetime upgrade option at Whitefliash.
what do you mean by trivial? Less than 10% the price of the diamond combined?
that's what I am worried about ... my guess is that even if I study diamonds for say several weeks I will still lack the expertise to really know, similar to how it takes awhile to rate a good suit, etc. .... I suppose one solution would be to find a gemologist to help but that would be costly I suppose, or RE the measurements on things like the crown and pavillion are there guidelines that you can give so that within certain ranges I can avoid what you are talking about?
All, I'm in the market for an engagement ring/diamond. I've done some reading about the 4C's etc but still consider myself quite the novice. I presume I can go by the ratings of the AGS or GIA certificate for the diamond as a gauge to make sure I am not getting swindled, but I assume there is large amount of price variability, especially in these economic times. Are the internet dealers (e.g., bluenile.com) a viable option or should I just crossed this off my list? ...
Currently on Ebay, expiring tomorrow: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=290268515101 Is it just me, or do the buttons seem to be placed more akin to 3-button placement? Anyone have this one?
would jump on it if it were blue ...
All, searched the old threads on undershirts but didn't find any rec's RE white undershirts that are a bit longer so that they don't bunch up under longer dress shirts. I usually buy Hanes but they shrink even though I don't put them in the dryer. any rec's much appreciated. thanks.
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