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is there any room to let out on the sleeves if necessary?
is the Zegna SC a 54 or 52?
thanks, will do just called STP, they said they didn't have access to that info. perhaps it the person just couldn't find it.
with current discount, it's just under 1k ...,...l-For-Men.html It's also listed at the Vincent model ... I was reading in an old thread that if it's labeled w/ the name instead of say Base V or Base S, then it's at least a few years old? Presumably the Vincent was was their slimmest model ... I assume that if I'm a 52R in Corneliani and a 54R in Zegna (Roma cut), then I'm at least a 54R in this?
Happy New Year to all SFers! close to pulling the trigger on the Southwick, but would like to know if it is fused, half-canvassed, or full canvassed. anybody know? Sale ends today. also, how does the sizing run? I take 42R in Corneliani for comparison.
does anyone know if the southwick is fully canvassed? doesn't say so in the link info. and PS, is it the same as the Brooks Brothers 1818?
not exactly sure what you mean but perhaps it's just a fold or an appearance of a fold. put the link up for the last one just now.
$399 Southwick Navy Twill $598 Corneliani Navy Wool Blazer just noticed that they don't have 42R. anyway, opinions still appreciated. Didn't see any navy Isaia on STP. $332 Samuelsohn Bamboo Oxford Weave Navy Blazer Once again, they don't have 42R. PS - anyone have any extra coupon codes? I got an e-mail...
thanks ... right now w/ the discount the GF comes to $631 w/ shipping + taxes, a bit more than I want to spend still, although it looks nice. How does it compare to the entry level Zegna sport coat in terms of quality (which usually retails around 1600 but can sometimes be had on Ebay for less than 500), or the entry level Isaia?
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